Resilience Luncheon 2019 | Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches
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Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches – Resilience Luncheon 2019

Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches – Resilience Luncheon 2019

On behalf of the Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches’ Board of Directors, we would like to thank everyone for your attendance and contributions at the Resilience Luncheon 2019.

It was a memorable afternoon of insight, entertainment, amazing food, drink and of course, the appreciation of your company and support. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

Due to your generosity, we were able to raise $161,000!!

As Sarah Sutherland, CFO of Dee Why RSL Club and major partners of the Centre outlined, “these funds go directly to supporting the Veteran’s community”; staff providing the services and resourcing to relieve crisis.

Just as important as these crucial funds, we were able to raise vital awareness as to the challenges faced by the Veteran’s community. Not just for Veterans but also the ramifications service has on their families.

Dr Brendan Nelson AO, delivered a captivating reflection, highlighting the realities of war, not just for the service personnel but for their families. He also highlighted the crucial importance of the Australian War Memorial, to educate and provide meaning not just for previous conflicts but for those families serving today.

Gwen Cherne, a young war widow with two young children, delivered a powerful key note address which took us all on an emotional journey. She spoke of the challenges of loving a Special Forces soldier, who suffered a stroke on deployment, mental health deterioration, eventually ending in suicide. Her address highlighted the extremities that families face and how many families are struggling in silence. Gwen called for us to have the courage to ask, ‘Are you Ok?’ but also to give our time and really listen to the response given.

The VCSNB is committed to being the lead organisation in providing a unique and effective model of support to our clients. We will continue to work to relieve the significant distress our current and former service personnel and their families experience. Additionally, we will continue to work with government, community and other ex-service organisations to reduce the barriers to accessing support. We look forward to reporting our accomplishments to you all next year.

We took quite a few photos on the day and thought you might be interested in viewing them: https://bit.ly/2KjQ98B

Thank you again for joining us for a memorable, significant event and we hope you will be able to attend again next year.

Kind regards,

Ben Webb
Centre Manager, Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches