Resilience Luncheon 2017 | Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches
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Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches – Resilience Luncheon 2017

On behalf of the Veterans Centre – Sydney Northern Beaches Board of Directors, thank you for supporting the Inaugural Resilience Luncheon on the 7th of April 2017.

It was a memorable afternoon of entertainment, insight, great food, drink and company. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We were completely overwhelmed by the response from everyone attending.

With your generous donations we were able to raise over $118,000!! This amount exceeded our goal and will assist us in helping our Veteran community even further.

These funds will enable us to address client shortfalls in our region by employing a specialist.
This will:

  • Reduce client wait times
  • Enable greater capacity to work preventatively with ADF, reduce numbers in crisis
  • Use of a Deductable Gift Fund for Necessitous needs. Accessible, via an application, to any community or ex-service organisation who have an eligible current or former Serviceman, women or family member in need.=

I look forward to reporting on the positive impact these funds have made to our communities.

Warmest regards

Ben Webb
Centre Manager