Frequently Asked Questions | Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches
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Frequently asked questions

My Father completed military service and is now struggling with his health, how can I help him?

Military members, current or former, can be stubborn. If you or your GP believe there are current health problems that may be related to their military service, contact us and arrange an appointment. Even if he is unwilling to take part in a meeting, we may be able to give you some information that may help and persuade him to pursue help. Depending on their history and circumstances, their dependants may also be eligible for some entitlements.

I would like for my organisation to become involved with the VCSNB, how can I do this?

A key objective of the VCSNB is to develop strong community integration throughout the Northern Beaches. If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to speak with you. Please contact the Centre to discuss how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

How do I become a Compensation Advocate?

Firstly, thank you for your interest in helping Veterans through what can be a traumatic and challenging period. We recommend you contact us so we can provide you with further information around this volunteer work. Should you wish to proceed further we will then pair you up with one of our compensation advocates, to provide first hand information around what exactly is involved as well as the training required to becoming a qualified practitioner.

I submitted a claim last month and haven’t heard anything?

When a claim is initially submitted, the individual should receive a letter of notification (usually three to four weeks) stating that the claim has been received. We recommend you contact the VCSNB, even if the centre has not assisted you with the claim, we can help support you through the process and provide assistance and advice where possible.

Why shouldn’t I submit the claims myself?

This isn’t something we recommend due to the complexity of legislation involved in determining compensation eligibility. There are three Acts of legislation; depending on where and when you served, plus varying types of service will determine which Act you will need to use to apply for Compensation. The appropriate Statement of Principles then needs to be used, these are medical requirements you must satisfy for your claim to be accepted.

Here at the VCSNB, we recommend you make use of the free, friendly and experienced advice that the centre provides to ensure you are supported throughout the process.

How do I know if I am eligible for compensation?

It is always best to contact us and arrange a time to discuss your military service history. The type of service rendered, where you were located, as well as the type of injury sustained are all factors to determine eligibility for compensation.

Are your Compensation and Welfare Advocates qualified and reliable?

Yes, they are. We realise that compensation and welfare needs of veterans and their families are ever evolving. Our Compensation and Welfare Advocates undergo continuous education via Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) and mentoring by our advocates (Senior Pension Officers) to ensure we can provide you with the best possible service and deliver the best possible outcome.