About us - Veterans Centre
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About us

Veterans Centre Sydney Northern Beaches (VCSNB) is an Incorporated Association, independent ex-service organisation, registered charity and Public Benevolent Institution. The VCSNB is governed by an independent cross-sector Board and services delivered by a team of qualified paid and volunteer staff.


VCSNB is positioned as an independent point of contact for current and former military personnel and their families seeking assistance. Due to the high demand for services, the enquirer’s needs will be identified through an intake process to determine priority and appropriate services to address each client’s unique needs. To ensure an effective and holistic wellbeing first support service, the VCSNB provides care coordination and military legislation advocacy service while collaborating with many external specialist service providers.


Over the years, the team at VCSNB has developed expertise in assisting military personnel experiencing medical separation and former service community experiencing hospitalisation. The VCSNB will continue to implement a best practice service solution to support our current and former service community.

Our Purpose and Vision

To ensure current and former servicemen, servicewomen and their families have the opportunity for growth through accessible support.

Our Ethos

To be a client focused, values driven team; an industry leader in innovative methods of holistic wellbeing support.