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Our trusted partners



Work Rehab is an accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider delivering exceptional, innovative and personalised rehabilitation services. We are proud to be a specialist rehabilitation provider for members of the veteran and ex-service community who are in need of support to transition into civilian life and work.


A Work Rehab consultant will work together with VCSNB to ensure we provide appropriate services and benefits for your service-related condition to achieve goals that will enable you to continue on your path to a fulfilled civilian life. We not only provide holistic case management rehabilitation services, and integrated return to work services, but we also run workshops and training to enable empowerment, assist with goal setting and teach mindfulness strategies for those wishing to get on with their life. https://workrehab.com.au/

Holistic Physio Fitness

Holistic Physio Fitness is very involved with the veteran community. They have been a partner of the RSL Lifecare village at Narrabeen (The Narrabeen War Vets) for many years now. Treating many veterans of all ages, they know whats required for the best service possible.


Holistic Physio Fitness is a specialised Physiotherapy/ Exercise centre. Holistic Physio Fitness staff are highly trained Multi-Qualified professionals. Multi-qualified means that unlike other practices, their therapists all have multiple degrees and certificates including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Radiation licensed DEXA technicians, Sports Trainers and Dry Needling. They also have a Dietitian/ Sports Dietitian to complete the picture. The therapists are involved in teaching at Universities and in house training sessions for other professionals. Holistic Physio Fitness prides itself on being at the forefront of evidence based practice and using a combination of modalities to get you back on track quickly and optimally. For more information, please visit https://holisticphysiofitness.com.au or call 9999 6666

Services Offered:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Personal Training
  • Dietetics/ Nutrition
  • DEXA scanning
  • May be covered by DVA with a clinically indicated referral

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Be Centre

Be Centre is a local charity helping little children when they need it most. We support children aged 3-13 with emotional, behavioural, psychological or social difficulties or those who have experienced trauma. These children are in the primary years of school where education basics are laid down in preparation for secondary school. By assisting children early, they have the best opportunity to reach their full potential. Our highly trained, mental health professionals use a therapy form that is designed specifically to assist children in this age group, using their most natural form of communication – Play. Last year, Be Centre supported 200 local children and there is often more than 100 children waiting to start a program. We receive no State or Federal Government funding and our fees are heavily subsidised. Free scholarships are available to support children in crisis. Children of veterans can often be supported by ‘Veteran Centre’ funded scholarships. For more information go to becentre.org.au


Core 9

At Core9 our mission is to provide Defence Vets, Emergency Services and athletes an un-paralleled business model to step into, offering a new sense of purpose, and belonging. One that we can all share together knowing we are on the same team helping create a positive change towards Australians health and fitness. A new mission that requires a new team. For more information, please visit http://core9.com.au/


Beachside Financial Services

Glenn Pitt – Principal Adviser
SA Specialist Adviser, FChFP, Tax(Financial) Adviser, FFin, Grad Dip FP, BBus, JP


Glenn has operated for over ten years a successful Financial Advice business to clients focussed upon the Northern Beaches precinct of Sydney.

A holistic financial planning service is provided to all age groups including:

Wealth Accumulation strategy and advice

Share Market investment strategy and advice

Debt minimisation strategy and advice (clever use of Loans)

Gearing strategy and advice

Tax minimisation strategy and advice

Asset protection strategy and advice

Life, trauma and income protection insurance advice

Retirement planning strategy and advice

Superannuation and rollover strategy and advice

Self Managed Superannuation Fund strategy and advice

Social Security advice

Estate Planning advice

Corporate Superannuation advice

As a “Fee for Service” adviser, Glenn prefers to be paid for the work undertaken just like any other professional service provider, and when paid in this manner, rebates all commissions upon managed funds and similar investment products within the Financial Advice business. In this way you always know the advice is impartial and focused upon your specific needs and requirements and not influenced by other factors.

As a resident on the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, Glenn actively participates in the community and focuses his energies upon assisting clients achieve their lifestyle and financial goals within the time periods desired and within their risk profiles.


Glenn can be contacted on 1300 794 340 for a free initial consultation.

Please click on the link below. This will walk you through the process re what we do and how.

Client Review – Response form

Please complete the 2 x questions within this website, ie:

  • 5 Minute Financial Health Check
  • About You Questionnaire

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